Vanessa Hudgens - Come back to me

18. dubna 2009 v 12:02 | Crazy_G!rl |  Music
Put your sneakers on, Put your sneakers on
We´re goin´ dancin´ all night long

I got somewhere to be, I want you to come with me
See I´ve put my sneakers on, Cause I´m gonna keep dancin´
After they all go home

So are you ready? Did you eat? Do you have the energy?

Are you reloaded? Are you able to stay on your feet?
Don´t want you passing out after a couple hours of beats...
We´re keep going, And going, And going, Yeah, Cause

Basically what we´re gonna do is dance [3x]
It will come easily when you hear the beat, oh
Basically what we´re gonna do is dance [2x]

All you gotta do is take a chance
Yeah that´s right, it´s sneaker night

So now they´re closing, Close it up,
Shut it down, go home now
But this far from the end, Second round, Ding,
It´s about to begin
Cause I got comfortable full
Where the weather is nice
So let´s take it outside
The... slam, hands clap
And the beatbox, and it´s all right


Don´t you even worry about other plans
Yeah, that´s right it´s sneaker night!

When the sun goes down, Oh we wake up
I got no sleep. Ha! No need
No compliment staying away
When the beat is like an earthquake

We´re unstoppable, we´re uncontrollable
Just admit it, You can´t stop it, It´s addictive




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